Track and update your goals from Slack

Save time by updating goals directly from Slack

No need to log into another tool. You can update your goals and key results from Slack in one click.

Update goals, OKRs from Slack

Get reminders in your DMs

Get reminders in Slack when it's time to update your goals. See the status of your goals at a glance.

Slack reminders

Keep your team informed with project notifications

Get notified directly in your Slack channel of choice, any time there is a notification from a specific project.

Project notifications for Slack

Preview projects, goals and updates in Slack

Links shared in your Slack channels show a preview, so you can be informed without ever leaving the app.

Preview Tability links
Tabby the bot

Connect to Slack

You can connect Tability to Slack right now if you already have a Tability workspace. See our documentation for more details on the integration.

Connect to Slack