We're helping teams to focus on impact and become better places to work

Judging people on the number of hours they spend in the office never leads to a great workplace. It stifles creativity, removes flexibility, and leaves a lot of talent on the sideline.

We started Tability to help businesses shift their focus from outputs to outcomes, and create environments where all kinds of people can do their best work.

If you give your team clear goals and the means to achieve them, then they can move mountains.

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Sten Pittet

CEO / Product

Sten is passionate about teamwork and software. He lives in Sydney, Australia and was previously leading product teams at Atlassian. #popisthegoat

Bryan Schuldt


Bryan is super particular and loves a nice cohesive story. Formerly designer and illustrator with Atlassian and Trello. Based in Portland, Oregon #blazersup

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Bringing teams together to solve big problems

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